T&P Tip#2: Know Your Camera (KYC)

You get home after a wonderful day out in a new place or using your camera to the best of your abilities and are keen to take a look at the shots. Amidst smiles and laughter you pour a drink for yourself and friends while the camera continues to download the days haul onto your personal computer. Just as you put your glasses down after raising the toast, you see your images opening up blurred – You blame the drink don’t you !!

Know Your Camera is a basic but extremely critical step for raising the level of individual photography. The camera in all its might is the tool that can create the difference between a world class capture and a mediocre shot.

By this time there must be one question that must have popped up in your mind – “What do I need to know ?”

The answer is simple – know how your camera responds to changes you make in its settings. At this stage I am referring to a camera as any camera and not a DSLR. Even if you take pictures using your cell phone, it is important to know the angle, the settings that will affect your picture. While I am not a huge fan of cellphone photography, the cellphone sometimes is a good option to pull out and take the shot if moments are being lost. The results can vary from extremely good to atrocious.

One of my favorite Cellphone captures below:


Captured here is the left wing of a Boeing 747 majestically saluting the rising sun above the city of London. The view was mesmerizing and the camera was out of reach. I knew how my cellphone camera would react to an image like this so I put it to test.

Will talk about the basics of photography in the next few tips. Enjoy photography and do share/like this post and/or leave a comment below.

Thank you !

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