Travel and Photography go virtually hand-in-hand. Every traveler has a desire to capture his/her memories be it a vacation, transit or even a business travel. Here are some basic tips I will keep posting to capture most of the experience.

T&P Tip #1: 260217

Soak in the moment before you pull out your camera (phone, point and shoot, semi – DSLR or DSLR). Ask yourself this basic yet important questions (which I always ask ) –

“what do I want to capture here”

“Is this the angle?”

and most important of all –

“what is the story here ?”

When you have answers to the above questions – that is when you are ready to take the shot.

Example below: This is a shot of the Progressive Field Stadium at Cleveland. The home of the Cleveland Indians. This shot was taken from across the stadium using the below exif details:


Nikon D5300 | Lens 18-55mm | 26mm focal length | ISO 100 | SS 1/320 sec | f 5.6

There was a railroad track in between me and the stadium and the sky above was turning grey. I saw the stadium and it stood there majestically enough for me to pull out my camera and frame the shot. I realized the colors were complementing just enough for it to pop. One more thing I did was to get the effect of the sky was to “under expose” the shot slightly. I got just the effect I wanted.

More about “Exposures” in my upcoming T&P Tips.

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