It has been 2 months since my trek in the Himalayas, which I thank for helping me take personal fitness bit more seriously. What began as slow tedious 06:30 am walks to the gym in the apartment turned into energetic jogs at 05:30 am of four to five kms under 45 mins. Beautiful morning scenes mostly comprised of early office goers, school kids lined up waiting for their buses, group of elderly folk slowly matching step to step as they burst into spontaneous laughter and smiling dog owners. All of this in different vibrant colors each day.

Soon faces became familiar and energy burning jogs also became medium of warm exchanges of glances and broad smiles. A random nod turned into an encouraging spurt of words that fuelled the passion to stretch for another mile.

Often thoughts passed my mind, ‘Who are these people who touch my life each morning, what is the connect, can an unknown person infuse happiness?’

Good Morning

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