Sitting back and reflecting at the time when the going got tough and as it appears in hindsight, it peaked to a point where I was left with two options – wilt under the pressure or remold and recreate the fighting spirit to carry on.

For those who have not read the post on my first solo travel (click here to read: Maheshwar – Solo Trip). It was not an easy decision to make as Solo travel is just catching up in India and personally it was my first. But neither the thought nor the situation was willing to budge out of my life. Heading out on a Solo Trip I knew was risky and never done before. There were so many variables that could have gone wrong and my trip could have turned into a disaster. But is life about certainty or enjoying the uncertainty?

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#We Talk So Much

It struck me on the second day of my trip that I had not spoken to anyone for over twenty four hours. There were small talks but no long conversations and that is when I realized on all other days that #wetalksomuch !!

All the thoughts keep floating in and out and we latch on to them and turn them into conversations. A research says that approximately 50000 to 70000 thoughts cross our mind each day and close to 65% of them return the next day. What we do with those thoughts is critical. If each one of them turns into a conversation then the talking would be nonstop. Sorting them away into buckets labelled ‘useful’ and ‘waste’ helps bring in sanity. Time and the situation made me aware of my thoughts and helped me sort a few constantly repeating ones. Our thoughts do not demand a solution all they seek is attention. It is the mind that starts working out a solution even when the situation does not demand one. That leads to a flood of other inconsequential thought leading to anxiety.

Sitting alone on a rock and watching the sunset, I made an attempt to filter my thoughts into wanted and unwanted. One of the most amazing introspective experiences of my life that I have not shared ever before. Needless to say this continued for the duration of the trip as I felt my thoughts coupled with  passion for photography & travel blend into a unforgettable experience of my lifetime.

Sunset at Mandavgadh

Coming Soon . . .Unknown People ~ a Source of Happiness

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These posts are intentionally small as they are brief reflections of the ‘me time’ I spent at random places around the world. 

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