Amit Gadgil, an architect by profession, a huge fitness freak, outdoor lover, bigtime foodie, endless love for music and one of the most informed and resourceful person around.

Featuring one of his recent cycling expedition across mountains through winding paths and picturesque scenes through the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra to a little village called Bhor.  Do read his inspiring narration and leave a few comments.

Read below :

That time around we were a bunch of 8 enthusiastic guys who had thoroughly enjoyed the ride. This time most of them were busy climbing Stok Kangri in the Himalayas. But that didn’t deter Rahul and me from repeating the same ride again !!!

So the dates were finalised and just the two of us decided to do the 90km odd cycle ride from Chandani Chowk ,pune to Khutwad Vasti ,Bhor via the steep Pabe ghat. Click here to read more