My eyes were closed as i didn’t want to let go of the feeling of being in heaven. The touch, the emotion, the passion it was all building up into one memorable moment. Before I could realize I had let out a yell !!!

My hands had touched the fire. There was a scar at the back of my hand I looked up with pain in my eyes and she wasn’t there. “I was kissing her moments ago I swear” I whispered in disbelief. She ran out of the hut on hearing my scream. “Did a snake bite you? Or was it a scorpion?” she said giggling away. “It was a bloody dream !! Such an idiot”  I said to myself. There was a sly smile on my face and it refused to leave. It felt so real, it felt like it would never end and then it did.

The sun was peeping at the horizon the rain had slowed down considerably. For the first time birds were out chirping away. I had slept near the fire under the large tree. A protective layer of dried leaves spread across tree branches had kept me dry. “Lets hurry and leave till the sun is out and we can make it to the village at the foothills by dusk”. Her house was at the foothills of the garhwal range, Bera a small village, had not more than a few thousand people. Ruhis father was a teacher in the local village school.

Her source of information and her passion for travel was fueled from various books she had read in the school library she told me as we walked with caution on the slippery mountain slopes. An odd mountain cat hopped out of the bushes on hearing our foot steps. The sun kept hiding behind the clouds and would come out again in intervals. Parts of the trail had dried up fairly quickly due to the heat, but ones covered in vegetation were still wet and slippery. Ruhi walked cautiously after all that had transpired over the past few days. She obviously didn’t want to fall again.

“We used to play here very often. I remember this path like it was yesterday” she said with a cheerful smile. Her eyes had lit up on seeing a familiar spot on the trail. “Your village is quite far from here” I said. She looked at me and laughed. “We came here in summers, baba didn’t know” She pointed out to a large cedar tree that beamed high into the sky, branches spread out. The rain had washed the tree clean it shone bright in the afternoon sun. We continued to walk uphill for sometime then downhill in a steady rapid pace.

Ruhi stopped in her trail and stood still. She was looking far in the distance. Between snow covered peaks in the distance was a small village with a few hundred houses spread across the terrain of the mountains. Colorful little huts with sharp inclined roofs. She did not move at all. “Is there a problem ?” I asked. She didn’t hear me. “Isn’t that your village?” She stood there still as a rock. Looking into the distance with a piercing gaze.


(to be continued)

“this story is an piece of fiction and recreation described by the author. There is no resemblance to any event of the past”. picture ownership belongs to the owners as they are not taken by the author and he takes no credit for it.

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