Wish each one of you a 2019 that is filled with travel, new experiences, coming face to face with your fears, inspiring to take up new challenges and uncover an unseen side of you. Happy 2019 people !

With 2019, starts a fascinating phase of my life. A phase where I choose how I spend my time rather than allowing someone else to decide that for me. Contrary to how it may sound, the start is giving me jitters to say the least.

That being said, with freedom of decision and time comes – Travel ! Rather the ability to travel at will. So, 2019 has begun with scribbles and online polls about travel destinations I want to check off. On popular demand, here is the list I have made for myself. Feel free to add or suggest a destination that could be looped on any of the listed trips.

bucket List

Lets travel together, leave your comments below or send me a message

As it Unfolds :

  1. Vasota Fort Trek – Done on 13th Jan 2019 – Read Here !
  2. HISTORIC HAMPI – Day 1 & 2
  3. Andharban – The Dark forest

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